Water Ship Down!

He was the Prince of the forest, with his people living in peace and harmony with the other animals of the forest. Until one day, when the rabbits started multiplying out of control, Lord Frith told El-ahrairah to control them, but El-ahrairah told Frith that his people are the strongest in the world.
Lord Frith saw this as arrogance and told El-ahrairah that if he won't control his people, that he will do it. So, he gave a gift to every animal and bird in the forest. However, with these gifts came predators such as a dog, a cat, a wolf,a hawk, a fox and a weasel. To each of them, Frith gave them the desire to hunt and kill El-ahrairah's people. Then Lord Frith bestowed a gift upon El-ahrairah and his people. El-ahrairah was running when Frith came to see him, for he knew that Frith was upset with him. However, Frith gave him the gifts of speed, cunning, digging, and a good sense of hearing, and he told him that his people no longer cover the world, but as long as they use the gifts he gave to them, they will never perish.
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